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The Nayeliart Philosophy

Nayeliart is not just modeling training. It's a passionate philosophy.

We know that if there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes, the will is not enough. You must have the RIGHT way to prevail in your endeavors. It may take trial and errors to find this way. But how much trial and error can you afford to have in this short life to find out which way and guidance is best for you. How much time and money can you afford to spend? All careers require an investment. You must be very careful of how much you invest and how promising that investment is to what you expect. I.e. like spending unreasonable hundreds of dollars. You ought to pay for the service you expect and what you need to know. If you don’t want to be a model, I will not tell you are a promising model to take your money. There are different modeling categories, so I tailor my training to your needs and what you want from the coaching. I cannot and will not ever guarantee to make you a celebrity overnight, but if you apply the tools I give you, you make yourself what you want to be in life.

Aside from divine intervention, by logic, everywhere you put your hard work and effort will have a result. Sometimes, you may not get the exact result you want. But if you seek and pursue, you will find. Possibilities are endless and there is no dead end in this universe. If you want to find this out on your own.

Once you identify your strengths and weaknesses, you learn to strengthen those weaknesses and accept yourself with confidence and make your strengths shine. If you have the true passion for something, dedication is not difficult. It’s the patience that is challenging to have. Entertainment and fashion are rollercoaster industries. This is why a rational approach is necessary to keep your psyche at balance. At times, your enthusiasm can sky rocket your emotions to where you can lose control of the realistic aspects in this industry. I approach it with focus, persistence and optimism. When reality seems negative, I try to approach it in a very positive way. I confront all obstacles with a soul of a beast and composure of a graceful butterfly.

Nayeliart isn’t just about walking on a runway or reading lines from a script. The Nayeliart experience is about discovering what makes you special, and developing your one-of-a-kind “star” quality for the whole world to see. We invite you to review the Nayeliart programs to see how our expert modeling and acting training, along with life-skills instruction, will give you the confidence and tools to shine for a lifetime.


Since the age of three, I have been blessed with the highest support from my wonderful parents in my personal, professional, and academic pursuits.  I acquired international schooling in Cotillion, Personal Development, Modeling, other arts, including learning the electric guitar.  I have also always enjoyed writing poetry as a hobby since I was a child and I competed in a few equestrian competitions.  Academically, I attended schools in different states of Mexico and the U.S.  A couple of prestigious schools I attended in Mexico are “Alianza Francesa” and “Technologico de Monterrey” (Campus Queretaro). 
My professional journey has given me a wealth of differing and enriching experiences.  My ethnic background is a blend of Mexican/Italian/Asian with some French.  As a result, I can translate/interpret Spanish to English as it is spoken in real time.  I also can speak and read some French and a little Cantonese. I have worked in the Casino Gaming industry and received a professional certificate from San Diego State University. I have studied acting under several different instructors and attended three modeling schools, one which I worked as the School Director’s Assistant and Trainer/Creative Director for another. I also work in the legal field. I am chairman of the Fashion Committee for the San Diego Entertainment & Sports Law section.

My acting and modeling experience has been as fulfilling as they have been diverse.  In my modeling experience, I have modeled in promotional events, worked with numerous local fashion designers and photographers, morning news segments and walked in many fashion shows in San Diego, Los Angeles and New York including training for Fashion Week for all. I posed for international Polish clothing/accessory brand, national advertisements and local magazines. As a former classical ballet dancer and runway model, I walk the runway on ballet pointes and have opened fashion shows with a classical ballet choreography. In my acting experience, I have appeared in four independent films, assisted in casting of short independent films, directed and produced local fashion shows and briefly appeared in two local music videos.
My passion for the arts extends beyond the runway and onto the page.  To that effect, I have been published in business advertisements and magazines including KEEL International Online fashion magazine, where I was featured as cover model.  About a year later, I became the magazine’s Creative Director for the California Region.  I recently began writing articles for fashion magazines such as Establishment, Keel and Fashion Couture.
After years of experience working for modeling institutions, and driven by my own artistic vision, I was inspired to create my own line of teachings, technique and strategies. I’ve gathered my own philosophies and independent approach on highly effective and affordable modeling training.  My vision is to nurture the artistic development of aspiring talent and (perhaps most importantly) help them avoid the common missteps and bad advice that is all-too-common in the industry. I provide private modeling lessons and run occasional personal development workshops. My model training includes runway and posing technique, posture, industry standards and marketing, and network and promotional strategies.  My personal development training includes dining etiquette, social and self-awareness, strength in confidence and self-esteem, poise, self- motivational tactics and short/long term goal planning and I also manage one actor. 

Through Nayeliart, I have seen that nurturing the development and success of any and all who aspire to grow in entertainment and fashion is where I shine the brightest. To be involved in the growth of those who seek personal development and have a polished demeanor for success in intended endeavors is a joy in itself. To be confident yet humble is a valuable life element.
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Personal Development

For aspiring and non-aspiring models...

“Certain tangibles needed in this industry, are also important for many other careers. How you carry yourself, your presence, self-motivation, social awareness, goal setting, persistence and a strong mind set. My personal development instruction guides why this creates an impact in your success.”

Relationships are developed and strengthened during social interactions. Some of the most successful business meetings are conducted during a convivial meal in the dining room, not the board room. Social awareness shows you how to properly adapt to the people and environment you are in for professional and positive social interaction. As a female, I teach you how to embrace femininity, grace, posture, poise and understand how valuable feminine pulchritude is to be a true lady of class. Economic status, religion, ethnicity or any background does not matter when you know how to be the true woman you know you are and can be. Different social standards, customs and etiquette expectations may among different cultures. But what matters is being of them and applying them under your own personality is what helps perpetuate many principals that with time have been lost among many societies.

Color Analysis including a makeup lesson, Style Analysis, Professional Styling (for the individual, Photo-shoots) Photographic Shoots for models & talent portfolios.

Whether you are an aspiring artist, beginner, or professional commercial/advertising model, editorial high-fashion model, petite, plus-size model, mature model, promotional/trade shows model or child model or budding television star, we would like to meet you.


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Modeling Classes

San Diego/ Los Angeles/ New York

Personal Development 

Diverse Catwalk Techniques                                Posing Technique

 Basic Nutrition/Fitness                        Beauty (Hair and Make-up)

Marketing Tools                                                    Model Etiquette

 Network Strategies

In this multi-million dollar industry of entertainment and fashion, your look is crucial. The “right”

type of look. Based on what type of modeling is best, I teach you the tools to become marketable and

embrace your artistic attributes to make your talent shine. It is important to have the right type of

pictures to attract the right type of attention and audience. There are different types of modeling.

Each category requires of different pictures, posing, looks and catwalk technique. I bring

professionals to instruct and advice nutrition/fitness and beauty. It’s a simple route to model as a

hobby if you want to model for vanity and become popular among your peers. You do endless

amount of free work. Eventually, certain respect for your work and talent will not be taken serious.

If you want to get properly compensated, you can set yourself up for frustration if you do not know

when to stop giving away your work for free and have the right industry guidance. But if you want to

make modeling a career, whether it’s part-time or full-time, you need to have the right marketing

tools, training and strategies. You need to know how to bring out your talent. I’ve you is the

automatic impression you create. It’s the beginning of your network.

  • Modeling & Personal Development17 yrs up
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    • The Runway Model
    • The Actor
    • The Print Model
    • The Business of Modeling

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  • Contemporary Teen/Woman10-19 yrs
  • $callper session
    • Visual Poise w/positive Body Language
    • Professional Make-Up Artistry
    • Professional Hair Care & Styling
    • Personality and Conversational Charm

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  • The Corporate Image17 yrs up
  • $callper session
    • Professional Style
    • Success Strategies
    • Hairstyles for Work
    • Corporate Finesse

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