Past Life- Ancestral Hypnotherapy Healing
What Past Life-Ancestral Hypnotherapy is and How it Can Heal
Project Description

Do you sometimes wonder where a certain unusual habit, fear, or other strange behavior comes from? Do you sometimes feel you have been somewhere before? This is known as a “Deja Vu.” A past life could have a significant influence on our present everyday life. Past life-Ancestral Hypnotherapy takes clients back in time to past lives and early childhood memories to help clear any unwanted emotions, habits, and blockages that may be holding them back. By understanding your past and what may be creating that block not allowing you to move forward in life, you can understand your present with a wider and wiser perspective to your life purpose. By having this level of awareness, an ailment that not even medicine has healed can be healed through this type of therapy.

Project Details