Quantum Reiki
Transmission of energetic intention to vibrate at a certain level.
Project Description

Quantum healing is another form of holistic and non-invasive energy exchange medicine that begins to emerge. The matter is not made out of matter. Energy can only be converted. Everything in the universe has energy and vibration.

How this works is each healthy cell of our body emits photons by DNA. Disease is an altered emission of photons. Inside and outside of our body consists of energy. So, the photons jumping in and around the body encircling an individual and counter photons may be jumping outside. This is known as quantum entanglement or quantum tunneling. So, since our intentions vibrate energy, our energy entangles with where we intend to deliver and makes an effect of a healing process by knowing how to use our vibrations. The energy can heal any disease known as body energy healing or Quantum healing. There are no energetic symbols like Usui Reiki. The body can certainly heal itself and most of the diseases begin in the mind by the way we think and anything we carry deep in the archives of our subconscious minds. Our physical health is a reflection of our mental health and our mind creates certain emotional ailments leading to physical reactions to our bodies. Positive thoughts with genuine intention to heal known as quantum thinking, healing takes place at the spiritual level by producing endorphins. I tailor every treatment personalizing the session with Reiki to incorporate a balanced approach between the mind, body, spirit, personality, and lifestyle of the person.

Project Details