Love and Power

Dear darling,
*Vulnerability is strength and wounds are points of power. When you have a tremendous amount of love and it fuels your drive to brighten you and empower. Some say they are “love,” yet don’t feel the hurt heart of another. It is said to not take words “personal,” yet there was an intended premise felt to deliver the other. We all have a story of struggle and glory. Some find material value to be a success and some find spiritual growth to be true bliss. Some can achieve it because they can’t fake it. Those who act upon their dreams without excuses are the ones who “make it.” True compassion is in the heart of the beholder. One would think erroneously that age teaches wisdom as one gets older. The true power of intention is reflected by initiative and interest. It speaks inevitably on its own through actions based on sincere care without self-interest. Sometimes one must walk alone to value and understand a need and want. Those times you realize what you’ve gained, and lost, and what you chose you can and can’t. * ❤
Yours most gracious,
~nc/ monita